Laser Tag Equipment - Helios Phasor line

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Laser Tag Equipment - Helios Phasor line

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Software management products must reduce stress, improve efficiency and assist effective management of your facility. It’s your business—get the tools you need to manage it the way you want.

Banksia stands out from the crowd with its fully integrated software and hardware tools all in the one package. This includes online components for booking, roster, and mass marketing. However, it’s the task management, rostering, SMS notifications and internal mail systems with dynamic permissions that link these tools together, putting you in control. Lock down access to the web. Prevent staff from inserting foreign USB sticks. All while monitoring terminal activity in real time. With Banksia you have a unique and fully scalable product—from a stand-alone POS system to a secure server with up to 15 terminals.

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Laser Tag Equipment - Helios Phasor line

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